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20.11.2020 — 24.12.2020

Best referral of the month

Attract new users to the system and take the main prize.

Minimum prize threshold:
300 000 points (referral earnings).

One referral (1st level) counts
no more than 5 000 points.

Competition dates:
20.11.2020 — 24.12.2020.

  • 10 000 USD
  • 5 000 USD
  • 2 000 USD
  • 900 USD
  • 700 USD
  • 600 USD
  • 500 USD
  • 400 USD
  • 300 USD
  • 200 USD
The winner receives a prize only if all the conditions of the competition are met. The reward is credited to the user's balance with the possibility of unlimited withdrawal for one payment.
The competition is as transparent as possible, we do not influence the result in any way. Only those referrals who were registered during the contest period enter the competition table, and their income falls into the “Amount” column (namely, the income of referrals, and not the income of the referrer). Prize places are distributed among users who have fulfilled the conditions of the competition, according to the largest number in the "Amount" column. If there are fewer users who have met the conditions than there are prizes, rewards will be awarded only to those who have met the conditions.

After the end of the competition, the winners will receive the prize amount on their balance and will be able to withdraw it as a one-time payment to any available payment system. Unlimited withdrawal is available only 1 time and only for the exact amount of the prize.

Competition results


The table displays the 50 users with the highest number in the Sum column.


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