Terms of use

Last updated: September 18, 2019

This Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legally binding agreement between addon.money (“we” , “AddonMoney”) and the User (“User” or “you”) who uses the service addon.money (“Service”) for personal use.

This Agreement is a public offer in accordance with Article 435 and Part 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation due to the fact that this offer is sent to an unlimited circle of persons and has all the essential conditions, the acceptance (acceptance) of which by the User, gives it legal force equivalent to an agreement concluded in writing, without signing by the parties and without indicating the person who accepted it.

Before using the Service, we ask you to carefully read the terms of this Agreement. BY REGISTERING IN THE SERVICE YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT. The fact of registration in the Service, without any exceptions and (or) reservations, is considered an unconditional acceptance (acceptance) of the Agreement. Partial acceptance of the terms of the Agreement is not allowed.

If you have not read, understood or do not agree with the terms of this Agreement, you should not register in the Service and/or use the Service in any way.

We reserve the right to make changes to this Agreement by posting the current version of the Agreement on this page and including in this text the note “Last updated” with the appropriate date of modification, or in any other way that we deem appropriate. We are under no obligation to provide notice of such changes. Any changes to this Agreement will be effective immediately upon posting and apply to all uses of the Service. If you continue to use the Service after this Agreement is amended, you agree to be bound by the Agreement as amended.

The terms and definitions found in the text of the Agreement are interpreted in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the established rules for the interpretation of the relevant terms in the field of organizing and holding competitions.


1.1. We grant the User the right to use the Service as a tool for the User to provide computing power and automatic actions on behalf of the User on the platforms determined by the Service for a fee, under the terms of this Agreement.

1.2. The Service is provided to the User in the form of an installable browser extension that works by authorizing the User using the account registered by him in the Service.

1.3. The provision of computing power and the performance by the User of the actions specified in the Agreement is carried out by the Service in automatic mode, the User hereby agrees that the actions performed by the Service in automatic mode are performed on behalf of the User.


2.1. To use the functionality of the Service, the User must go through the registration procedure.

2.2. When registering in the Service, the User warrants that:

  • - all information provided by the User during the Registration process is true, up-to-date and complete;
  • - the User's use of the Service does not violate any applicable law;
  • - in accordance with the jurisdiction of the User, he has reached the age of legal capacity allowing him to independently acquire rights and obligations, as well as bear the responsibility established by applicable law (but not less than 16 years) or the User can confirm the appropriate permission in the prescribed manner and form to accept this Agreement from its legal representatives.

2.3. The User agrees that at any time we have the right to request additional information about the User, and also have the right to request copies of documents to confirm the information about the User provided during registration and make any other requests at our discretion.

2.4. The User accepts and agrees that the use of the Service can be carried out solely for personal purposes.

2.5. We are not obliged to check the accuracy and completeness of the data provided by the User and are not responsible for any losses of the User and losses of third parties due to a discrepancy between the information provided by the User during registration with real data.

2.6. The User bears full sole responsibility for the safety of the credentials for access to the User's personal account from third parties.

2.7. The User agrees that it is he who is solely responsible for any actions that occur through the User's account, the Service perceives actions performed through the User's account (which is logged in using credentials) as actions taken directly by the User.


3.1. The user undertakes:

3.1.1. Use the Service in ways not prohibited by the Agreement and applicable law and not use the Service for any illegal activity.

3.1.2. Ensure the confidentiality of login credentials for the User's account from third parties.

3.1.3. When going through the Registration procedure, provide complete and reliable data about yourself and keep them up to date.

3.2. The user has the right to:

3.2.1. In the event of technical problems in the operation of the Service, mailings with materials of prohibited content, as well as the discovery of facts giving reason to believe that the User's access to the Service was used unauthorized, contact us to clarify the situation and take the necessary measures.

3.3. We are committed to:

3.3.1. Grant the User the right to use the Service in accordance with the Agreement, around the clock, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.

3.3.2. Make all reasonable efforts to ensure the stable operation of the Service, its gradual improvement and correction of errors in the operation of the Service.

3.4. We have the right to:

3.4.1. Suspend the operation of the Service for the time necessary for carrying out scheduled preventive and restoration work on the equipment, while we will strive to notify you in advance of the suspension of the Service in a convenient way for us.

3.4.2. At its own discretion and without the prior consent of the User, use the tools of the Service to increase performance, including for performing actions on behalf of the User on the platforms defined by the Service. In this case, the Service reserves the right to charge the User with the appropriate remuneration.

3.4.3. Request copies of documents to confirm the information about the User provided during the Registration process.

3.4.5. In case of violation by the User of the conditions (methods) of using the Service, unilaterally, out of court, deprive the User of the right to use the Service.

3.4.6. Update the content and functionality of the Service, as well as its interface at any time, at its own discretion and without prior notice to the User.


4.1. The owner of the Service is the Administration.

4.2. The User is granted a simple (non-exclusive), limited, revocable, perpetual license to use the Service to the extent and in the manner prescribed by the Agreement. Such a license is intended to provide the User with the opportunity to use the Service for their own personal purposes, subject to the restrictions provided for in this Agreement.

4.3. The User may terminate this license at any time by notifying us accordingly. From the moment the account is deleted, the license to use the Service is considered terminated.

4.4. The territory of using the Service is not limited (the whole world).

4.5. Service, its components and individual components (including, but not limited to: computer programs, databases, codes, underlying know-how, algorithms), including trademarks, service marks and domain names, as well as texts , graphic design, logos, images, both individually and composite objects, unless otherwise specifically stated, belong to the Administration and are protected by law. Any use of the intellectual property of the Administration without the written consent is strictly prohibited.

4.6. The User agrees that he has no right (including no right to allow anyone) to modify, create derivative works, disassemble the Service into its component codes, decompile or otherwise attempt to obtain the source code of the Service or any part thereof. The user bears full responsibility for such actions, provided for by applicable international and national legislation.

4.7. The Service used by the User can automatically download and install updates provided by the Administration from time to time. Such updates are designed to improve or develop the Service and may be provided in the form of individual bug fixes, enhanced features, new software modules, or entirely new versions. The user agrees to receive such updates (and authorizes us to provide such updates).

4.8. The Agreement does not provide for the alienation of intellectual rights to the Service, with the exception of a limited license, which is granted on the basis of the foregoing. Nothing in the Agreement constitutes an assignment of rights to the Service or a waiver of these rights based on applicable law.


5.1. The User's personal information is processed by us in accordance with the accepted Privacy Policy, posted at the network address https://addon.money/privacy .


6.1. The Administration guarantees the User that actions performed on behalf of the User automatically will not be performed for any illegal or prohibited purpose, and will not be committed in relation to content prohibited or limited by applicable law, or generally accepted moral standards, including, but not limited to: /p>

  • - pornographic materials, child pornography, child molestation;
  • - inciting religious, racial, ethnic or ethnic hatred;
  • - violence, bullying, incitement to harm one's own life and (or) health, or the life and (or) health of other persons;
  • - selling drugs, weapons, explosives or placing recipes for their manufacture;
  • - propaganda of terrorism, extremism, Nazism, etc., as well as calls for violation of the current legislation and illegal actions;
  • - offer of goods or services, the sale of which is prohibited by applicable law or restricted in one way or another (alcoholic products, gambling, etc.;
  • - hacks, viruses, crackers, databases of phone numbers, addresses, personal data, etc.;
  • - spam, flood, doorways;
  • - insult to honor and dignity, slander, etc.;
  • - copyright infringement.

In addition, this content must fully comply with the requirements for content by the platforms defined by the Service.

6.2. The user agrees that he is not entitled to perform actions aimed at:

6.2.1. Obtaining unauthorized access to any part of the Service or accounts of other Users.

6.2.2. Causing damage to the equipment of the Service, the network and the equipment of other Users.

6.2.3. Exploiting Service vulnerabilities.

Misleading anyone by assuming someone else's name for publishing, sending messages or using it in any other way for the purpose of intentionally causing damage to the Service and (or) third parties or for personal gain.

6.3. The Administration reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the User's account at any time in case of violation of the terms of the Agreement or without any reason, with or without notice, temporarily or permanently. The decision of the Administration is final and not subject to revision. In case of termination of the User's account due to violation of the terms of the Agreement, the remuneration under the Agreement is not paid to the User.


7.1. We comply with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, but we do not guarantee that the Service or any of its component parts is acceptable for use in any other jurisdiction.

7.2. By accepting this Agreement, you confirm your consent to the regulation of legal relations on your use of the Service by the current legislation of the Russian Federation without regard to any conflict of laws rules.

7.3. The User hereby assumes responsibility for compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation, as well as any other law applicable when using the Service.

7.4. Upon a formal request filed in accordance with the procedure provided by law, we will cooperate with law enforcement authorities in any investigation of alleged illegal activity in relation to the use of the Service by the User or third parties.


8.1. We will strive to ensure the operation of the Service, however, the Service is provided to the User on an “as is” basis, so we do not guarantee its uninterrupted operation, the absence of errors, defects, delays and interruptions in operation, as well as its immunity to computer viruses, destruction, alteration, information theft, hacking, unauthorized access by third parties.

8.2. We are not responsible in case of inoperability or incorrect operation of the Service on the User's devices and incompatibility of the Service with the User's software. To minimize the occurrence of such situations, the User should use the latest versions of software and equipment commonly used to operate similar services.

8.3. We are not responsible for the inoperability of the Service due to failures in telecommunications and energy networks, critical temperature changes, the action of malicious programs, as well as unfair actions of third parties aimed at unauthorized access and / or disablement of the software and / or hardware complex necessary for the operation of the Service.

8.4. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, that the Service will meet the User's expectations regarding the use or results of using the Service.

8.5. Under no circumstances shall we be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, tax and other losses, lost profits and any other damage associated with the use of the Service by the User.

8.6. In the most acceptable applicable right degree: under no circumstances we will be responsible for any indirect, actual, unintentional, subsequent or penal losses of any kind (including, but not limited, losses related to loss of income, revenue or profit LOSS, LOSS OF DATA, OR LOSS OF BUSINESS SUSPENSION) ARISING IN CONNECTION WITH THE USE OF THE SERVICE, OR IN ANY OTHER WAY IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT, REGARDLESS OF THE FORM OF THE KEY ORIGINAL, WHETHER ORIGINAL LIMITED TO NOT FOLLOWING THE ORIGINAL PRECAUTIONS, WHETHER PASSIVE, ACTIVE OR RESPONSIBLE ACTION) OR OTHER LEGAL BASE (EVEN IF THE USER HAS NOT BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES AND WHEREVER THERE ARE SUCH DAMAGES).                       

8.7. The foregoing limitations do not reduce or exclude our liability for gross negligence, fraud, or willful, willful or criminal acts.

8.8. Some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so some of these limitations may not apply to the User.

8.9. In case of blocking the User's account on the platforms determined by the Service, we are not responsible for this. The User uses the Service at his own risk.

8.10. Due to the fact that the Service operates in automatic mode and is carried out in real time, the amount of computing power and actions performed on behalf of the User cannot be predetermined.

8.11. The User undertakes to compensate us for all losses and expenses incurred as a result of the User's violation of this Agreement, any applicable law or causing damage to third parties.


9.1. Any questions, comments and other correspondence should be directed by the User to the email address [email protected].

9.2. Technical support of the User is provided in Russian from 10:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time) on weekdays.

9.3. We reserve the right not to respond to requests, questions, suggestions or other information sent anonymously or in any other way than the above.

9.4. Requests, questions, suggestions are considered by us within a reasonable time for their consideration in accordance with applicable law.

9.5. The User agrees that all disputes and claims relating to the use of the Service are governed by the provisions of this Agreement, and if they are not settled, in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of the Russian Federation and are considered in court at our location.

9.6. The User agrees that the filing of joint and / or class actions and claims against us is not an appropriate and acceptable way for the Users to protect their rights, if it is permissible by applicable law; Accordingly, the User undertakes not to participate in joint and / or class actions and claims against the Administration.


10.1. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate a User's use of the Service at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, temporarily or permanently.

10.2. The User has the right to stop using the Service at any time by sending us an email. From the moment the User's account is deleted, this Agreement ceases to be valid.

10.3. Termination of the account may lead to the destruction of all information associated with the User's account. We may continue to store data from the User's account in accordance with applicable law.

10.4. We reserve the right to amend the Agreement at any time at our sole discretion. We are not required to provide notice of such changes. Any changes to this Agreement come into effect immediately after they are posted on this page and apply to all cases of using the Service.


11.1. Nothing in this Agreement shall be considered legal advice.

11.2. The User's use of the Service is based solely on his own realized risk.

11.3. If the User has any questions regarding his legal rights and obligations, there is a misunderstanding of the terms of the Agreement or applicable law, the User should consult with a qualified specialist before accepting this Agreement.

11.4. The User confirms that he has carefully studied the terms of this Agreement, applicable laws, is aware of the risks and costs associated with using the Service.