AddonMoney Knowledge Base


How does the extension work?

AddonMoney extension automatically earns money for you when you visit different websites, i.e. while the Internet is connected, so you can earn money while surfing your favorite resources.

No other actions are required from the user - just install the extension and start earning passive income.

What browsers are supported?

AddonMoney extension works in Google Chrome, Opera and Yandex.Browser of the latest versions.

The extension will not work in FireFox, and we do not guarantee its work in other little-known browsers based on the Chromium engine and similar.

All about the affiliate program

You can get a referral link as well as advertising materials in your personal cabinet. You can attract referrals by any means, except for spam and methods prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

If there are no accruals from a referral, it means that he (and his referrals, if any) do not run the extension. It is not possible to contact your referrals, but we periodically conduct email newsletters that bring some users back into the system.

How and where can I withdraw my money?

The extension earns points, which can later be exchanged for real money at the rate of 100 points = 0.01 USD. Minimum amount for withdrawal: 100 points, i.e. 0.01 USD.

Withdrawal is carried out through a special form on the main page of my personal account. At the moment Payeer is available for withdrawal.

What are the withdrawal limits?

For all users there is a limit on the amount of withdrawal per day: 5 000 points (0.5 USD). Upon request to technical support this limit can be increased (for example, if you have a lot of referrals and your daily income is close to or exceeds the current limit).

In the system it is forbidden to withdraw funds to one purse from more than three accounts.

If you win the contest, you will be able to make a one-time withdrawal for the exact amount of the prize, these funds are not subject to the daily limit.

Why are there no points accruals?

If you just signed up and have no points accrued for more than 15 minutes, check the following:

Session duration.
On the main page of your personal account in the "Online extension" widget the value should be different from zero. If you see that the extension is working (the green ON icon is lit on the panel and an additional browser window is created), but the session duration is 0h 0m and there are no charges, please contact technical support with your account ID.

Did you install the extension in your primary browser?
If the extension is installed in a browser you have never used or have just installed (it does not have cookies), you may not get any or very little accruals.

Are all ad-blocking programs and extensions disabled?

Most extensions (adblock, adblock plus and others), programs (AdGuard) and even some antiviruses (e.g. Kaspersky Anti-Banner) can partially or completely block the extension. Adding them to exceptions won't help, you should turn them off while the extension is running.

Built-in browser blockers.
Extensions can be interfered with by the browser's built-in ad blocking system or filters from analytics tools. For example, this can be caused by Yandex Protect in Yandex.Browser or built-in protections in Opera.

Use of VPN and proxies.

In case of using public proxy or VPN clients, the extension may be disrupted or suspended, run the extension only on a valid IP of your ISP.

It stopped crediting points, what to do?

If everything was working fine for you, but then the extension stopped awarding points altogether, check it out:

You have cleared cookies.

After clearing cookies, the extension may partially or completely stop awarding points because the shows are not validated with the suspicion that you are a bot. Just keep using your browser and the extension will resume working after a while.

You have reinstalled the extension in another browser.
If the extension is installed in a browser that you have never used or have just installed (it has no cookies), you may not get any or very little accruals.

The extension is shutting down, what to do?

The extension may be disabled if you try to log in with the same account in multiple browsers at the same time. If you want to put the extension in multiple browsers, use a new account for each one.

Also disconnection will occur if there are more than 3 connections from one IP at the same time. For example, you put an extension on 3 browsers from one PC, and then decided to put a fourth extension on your laptop, this connection will be blocked and the extension will be closed.